While I was writing my book, More Than My Share of Pain, I felt such extreme emotions. It was so powerful and painful at the same time. It felt like I was giving birth. There were moments of high elation and periods of deep depression. I felt a natural high for several weeks during my writing and then I crashed. I had to have my husband sit besides me at the computer and help me write my story. I could not do it alone it was too painful. I have now learned to ask for help. In getting this book out there I needed help from many people. Support from friends, an accountability partner, an editor, a writing coach, a graphic designer, writers who wanted to publish their work and a program that I could duplicate to get my book on Amazon. With the help of all these people I was able to make this happen.

After my book was published I wanted to write about something beautiful, wonderful, innocent…I needed to counteract the feelings that I had just openly exposed to the world. So, I decided to start writing The Adventures of McDuff the most wonderful puppy in the world even though he is now 4 years old.

Now I am conflicted with how to proceed. My original plan was too write a series of six books regarding events that have occurred in my life so that I could pass on experience, strength and hope to women and men. This happy go lucky innocent book was not in the line up. However, I am letting go and letting God. This is what  I need to do to make me happy and to feel good inside.

The first day of my blog…August 1st




Sharing is the doorway through which we discover and impart our special gifts. In return we gain self-worth and a sense of who we are.

All I can do is share my experience, strength and hope.

I’m writing this book to offer my story and to help other women
rescue themselves from the physical pain – as well as the mental and
spiritual distress that comes from enduring a verbally abusive
I want those that have suffered verbal abuse to know that they too can find peace and happiness.
That is what I share in my book – the story of my abusive marriage, the story of how I eventually got out and the story of my renewal – my second life. 

Please read my new book on Amazon and post an honest review.