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Do you want to make a difference…call in and share your thoughts!!

Gospel Truth airs on
every Sunday  from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. is located at 9185 Central Avenue,
Capitol Heights, Maryland.
You can turn in live TODAY online and join me at
or call in at (240)455-5934.
Kendal Wade Candidate for Sheriff of Prince Georges County Maryland and Kathy McKnight of Bound for Better, a non profit organization, will be on the show.

I need your help with my back cover….please let me know if you have any suggestions for the verbiage.

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“Too often sufferers of verbal abuse will convince themselves “it’s only words,” and go on suffering the mental, physical and spiritual pain of an abusive partner. I’m sharing my story so you know there is hope for women and men, to rescue themselves from a verbally abusive relationship.”

• An Authentic and Honest Account – Patricia Evans,
Terry’s voice comes thru loud and clear. Any reader who is in a confusing relationship will find this book exceptionally validating. And, any reader who knows someone in an abusive relationship and wonder’s why s/he doesn’t leave will gain insight into their choice to stay, at least for a while.

• New Freedom – Mohamed M Omar Makramon
It’s a profound true story showing how we can transform old consciousness, how to learn to trust the inner gut feelings and make a change into a new freedom.

• A must read for all survivors of addiction or abuse, their families and loved ones – MJ Chiverson
This belongs on the bookshelf of every mental health agency, addiction support service and self-help groups. A courageously told and heart wrenching story of living with and surviving addiction and domestic violence, Ms. Maxwell portrays the reality of the struggle to survive even the worst of circumstances. If you have a loved one who is caught in the unending cycle of verbal abuse get them to read this book.

• This book made me feel like I’m no longer alone and gave me hope – Amazon customer
I’m truly inspired by the courage and spiritual strength that it took for the author to share her story in such an honest way. Having experienced similar things in my own life, but not having found my voice to share all of that with anyone, this book made me feel like I’m no longer alone.

• Compelling story! Great tools! “There is hope!” – Beverly A
If you know of a woman or man currently in an emotionally abusive relationship (maybe even you?), this book is a must read! Some of the experiences Terry Maxwell writes about hit close to home for me. As hard as it was for me to read this book, it provided me with a release that I didn’t even realize I had been searching for!

• A painful journey of a remarkable woman who exited a long and abusive marriage. – Richard S. and Dwight M.
This book is a “Must Read” book for men as well as women. It will assist anyone who is experiencing mental or physical abuse in their relationship, or who may be uncertain that abuse is occurring, in finding their way to healing.

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Yes…You Can Get PTSD From Staying In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship…

Drip, drip, drip…

This is a wonderful article by Jennifer Williams-Fields. Let me know your thoughts…

By Jennifer Williams-Fields I wanted to leave, but I didn’t know how… Stop. Just stop asking why a woman is so stupid and so weak when she stays in an abusive…


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I hope you are have had a wonderful time over the holidays spending time with family and friends.I’m back at my home from Christmas in Georgia. It was t-shirt weather just shy of eighty degrees. I will be including a video of the 1870’s Historic Victorian Inn that we stayed at on my blog within the next several days.

Over the holidays I have been reflecting on what an incredible year 2016 has been.

Here’s a look at some of my highlights:

  • A closer connection to my Higher Power.
  • Feeling stronger spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • Stronger relationships with my husband, family and friends.
  • My son called me for the first time in ten years. We spent a very healing time together.
  • I wrote my first best seller on Amazon. Here is the link…                                                           
  • I started my WordPress blog.
  • Monica Graves filmed and edited my documentary on verbal abuse in Philly.
  • Engel Jones from Trinidad interviewed me on his 12MinuteConvoy. It will be available shortly.
  • I started my second book: Walks with Mcduff… Healing my Inner Child through Meditation and Mindfulness. I plan to release this book in March 2017.

What an incredible year!!!

Like you, I’m excited for what will happen in 2017!

I have been thinking, writing and planning all of my goals and dreams for the upcoming year. I highly recommend that you do it as well. Dominican University of California did a study on writing down your goals which was cited in Forbes magazine. The three crucial steps are accountability, commitment and writing. This is how I made my 2016 goals come into fruition.

By following these three steps you are preparing yourself to achieve your goals in 2017.

Let’s make this your year.

If you are interested in joining me in this adventure, join Authorpreneur Mastermind Group on Facebook, that was set up online this year by Barry Watson.

Here is an example of what I am doing this year:


1. YOUR BIG WHY – Passing On Experience, Strength and Hope to men and women in toxic relationships.

2a. WHAT do you want to :

START – Receiving an income from my first book, More Than My Share of Pain. I have been giving it away for free this year. Building my targeted list. Set up YouTube site. Put documentary on it. Setting up Mindfulness seminarin February. Setting up Mindfulness 8 week seminar for Spring.

MAINTAIN – My new blog, how to get targeted people to it. Toastmasters. Writing my second book, Walks withMcDuff. Facebook – targeted audience – put out ways to heal or tools to use heal. R&D online. Continue supporting Authorpreneur Mastermind Group led by Barry Watson.

STOP – being around negative people, cut back time invested in some of my different groups. Putting out negative information on Facebook regarding toxic relationships.

ACHIEVE– find more spiritually uplifting people, complete paperback  and put on Amazon/Ingram Sparks. Put second book, Walks with Mcduff,online as an eBook.

2b. WHAT skills do you need to help you achieve your goals: more computer literate – WP, iTunes, YouTube, keywords, how to get noticed on the web. Need to learn how to duplicate a proven online seminar series.

3. HOW will I reach my goals – One step at a time, one day at a time, have realistic goals, adapt and overcome, link up with people who have already done it successfully, willing to learn and change methods, setting up a sound strategy.

4. WHEN dates do I plan to reach various tasks by? I will review my first quarter goals and put in realistic dates. See example below.

5. WHO is my target audience, people I need to help me achieve my goals. The target audience for my first goal which is getting my book out as a paperback. I need someone who can review my back cover and help me change a few pages in the beginning via keywords, links to a targeted community. Finding the right avenue/writing for someone who has been or is in a toxic relationship want to purchase my book.

Start backwards, write down what are the things you want to accomplish by the end of the year. Then break them into quarters. This looks more attainable and is not so overwhelming.

Example: 1-1-3-31. This spreadsheet was set up by Kylie Ansett.

Here’s to making out dreams come true…