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He was my North, South, East and West.*

He was not there…

Second after second.

Minute after minute.

Day after day.

Week after week.

Month after month.

Year after year.

Where are you?

Why have you not come home?

Why have you not called me?

Why have you not written?


What have I done?

How could I have hurt you this much?

So much that you have cut the umbilical cord – my son.

Even at 15 you can make your own choices. How could you forget 15 years?

Rationally I understand. How could your father hurt me the most?

By taking you away from me my Beautiful son…

*The first line was taken from “Stop all the Clocks” by W H Auden.







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“Too often sufferers of verbal abuse will convince themselves “it’s only words,” and go on suffering the mental, physical and spiritual pain of an abusive partner. I’m sharing my story so you know there is hope for women and men, to rescue themselves from a verbally abusive relationship.”

• An Authentic and Honest Account – Patricia Evans,
Terry’s voice comes thru loud and clear. Any reader who is in a confusing relationship will find this book exceptionally validating. And, any reader who knows someone in an abusive relationship and wonder’s why s/he doesn’t leave will gain insight into their choice to stay, at least for a while.

• New Freedom – Mohamed M Omar Makramon
It’s a profound true story showing how we can transform old consciousness, how to learn to trust the inner gut feelings and make a change into a new freedom.

• A must read for all survivors of addiction or abuse, their families and loved ones – MJ Chiverson
This belongs on the bookshelf of every mental health agency, addiction support service and self-help groups. A courageously told and heart wrenching story of living with and surviving addiction and domestic violence, Ms. Maxwell portrays the reality of the struggle to survive even the worst of circumstances. If you have a loved one who is caught in the unending cycle of verbal abuse get them to read this book.

• This book made me feel like I’m no longer alone and gave me hope – Amazon customer
I’m truly inspired by the courage and spiritual strength that it took for the author to share her story in such an honest way. Having experienced similar things in my own life, but not having found my voice to share all of that with anyone, this book made me feel like I’m no longer alone.

• Compelling story! Great tools! “There is hope!” – Beverly A
If you know of a woman or man currently in an emotionally abusive relationship (maybe even you?), this book is a must read! Some of the experiences Terry Maxwell writes about hit close to home for me. As hard as it was for me to read this book, it provided me with a release that I didn’t even realize I had been searching for!

• A painful journey of a remarkable woman who exited a long and abusive marriage. – Richard S. and Dwight M.
This book is a “Must Read” book for men as well as women. It will assist anyone who is experiencing mental or physical abuse in their relationship, or who may be uncertain that abuse is occurring, in finding their way to healing.

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Yes…You Can Get PTSD From Staying In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship…

Drip, drip, drip…

This is a wonderful article by Jennifer Williams-Fields. Let me know your thoughts…

By Jennifer Williams-Fields I wanted to leave, but I didn’t know how… Stop. Just stop asking why a woman is so stupid and so weak when she stays in an abusive…