Upcoming Mindfulness Seminars…



I have arranged for Dr. Michelle to bring her Mindfulness Meditation course to Fort Washington, MD.  This 6-week course will be open to a limited group.  I will let you know the details as soon as they become available.  I know the course will be wonderful, in the meantime, here’s Dr. Michelle’s bio so that you can get to know her as I do.

Dr. Michelle Butler is a Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy, RND, Master Herbalist MH, Certified Nutritional Counseling CNC, Certified Nutrition Health Coach, NHC, Pastoral Counseling, MS and the founder and owner of natUreal Wellness, LLC.

She specializes in natural healing, complementary medicines and alternative therapies.  She has trained extensively for more than twenty-five years on ways to provide you with an attainable holistic lifestyle that includes basic rules for healthy eating, nutritional monitoring, weight loss, detoxing the body, stress management, and spiritual guidance.

Dr. Butler has been practicing her craft for over sixteen years.  Her role is to educate and demonstrate that under normal natural conditions the body is a self-sustaining organism.  She teaches individuals to be responsible for their own health; and informs them about natural health practices and alternative remedies to encourage a natural healing process without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Dr. Butler’s approach is to turn on the body’s natural healing ability, not by adding something to the system, but by looking for the underlining disturbances or disruptions within the system and make necessary intervention and lifestyle adjustments that are need for normal functions.






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