While I was writing my book, More Than My Share of Pain, I felt such extreme emotions. It was so powerful and painful at the same time. It felt like I was giving birth. There were moments of high elation and periods of deep depression. I felt a natural high for several weeks during my writing and then I crashed. I had to have my husband sit besides me at the computer and help me write my story. I could not do it alone it was too painful. I have now learned to ask for help. In getting this book out there I needed help from many people. Support from friends, an accountability partner, an editor, a writing coach, a graphic designer, writers who wanted to publish their work and a program that I could duplicate to get my book on Amazon. With the help of all these people I was able to make this happen.

After my book was published I wanted to write about something beautiful, wonderful, innocent…I needed to counteract the feelings that I had just openly exposed to the world. So, I decided to start writing The Adventures of McDuff the most wonderful puppy in the world even though he is now 4 years old.

Now I am conflicted with how to proceed. My original plan was too write a series of six books regarding events that have occurred in my life so that I could pass on experience, strength and hope to women and men. This happy go lucky innocent book was not in the line up. However, I am letting go and letting God. This is what  I need to do to make me happy and to feel good inside.


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